As Primary Instructor

‘Philosophical Study Skills: Saving Lives and Counting Lives’, 1st year, UCL, autumn 2020 

‘Philosophical Study Skills: Utilitarianism and its Objections’, 1st year, UCL, autumn 2018

As Seminar Leader

‘Regulation of Intimacy’, 3rd year, UCL, spring 2021 

‘Introduction to Political Philosophy’, 1st year, UCL, autumn 2019 

‘The Philosophical Foundations of Effective Altruism’, 3rd year, UCL, spring 2019

‘Introduction to Moral Philosophy’, 1st year, UCL, spring 2018 

‘Matters of Life and Death’, 2nd year, UCL, autumn 2017


Primary instructor for moral and political philosophy, Widening Participation Summer School, UCL, August 2019